Deathwing terminator: #3 priming

Just a small update:

Project primed to get a besser view. 

...the base... 

Next step is a very hard one,... choosing the colours.

So long, yours
Michael aka Dellolyn.


  1. Nice! I'm at the same stage with a bust i am working on. I put out all my possible colors: cool, warm saturated and and saturated and then start to eliminate them until i have a small but versatile palette. How do you pick yours?

    1. Thanks Zab,

      most of the time I have a plan how the scene should look like in the end. For this project I have a straight line: base main colors are green and brown, miniature main colors are green and beige.
      Next step is choosing the best colors for creating contrast: a look at the color wheel show that I need a blue to get a color triangel.
      So, blue for the OSL and lenses. All metal parts become a silver with rust (for using brown) , bottom brown, some brown leaves. Blue in all the shadows to get the warm/cold contrast on the green and brown parts.

      Hope you understand what I want to say^^

    2. That's great! I need to look at my color wheel too. I am using purple(more blue than red) as my cool tone so I better find a nice yellow/ochre to balance it with :)